Thursday, August 15, 2013

world of warcraft 5.4 video released

so haven't heard about the new 5.4 patch. here is a video about it. check it out looks great!!!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sega Showcase: Bio-Hazard Battle

Josh recommended this game to me when we first started discussing ideas for this blog. In short, the game is very nice, but also very...freaking...WEIRD.

Someone remind me to remember my proper notes the next time I record a video.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

World of Warcraft: Siege of Orgrimmar Patch 5.4

Hey guys,
            T.R. here bringing you a look into Wow’s newest patch that just hit PTRs. Wow patch 5.4: Siege of Orgrimmar. SO we all know about what’s happening. You know, what’s his face is betraying all of Orgrimmar and now we are going to raid it. That’s pretty much it story wise. If you follow the story though, you will love this new patch. The legendary quest continues and guess what? Legendary capes!!! And has some prerelease pictures of them and let me tell ya. I turned my cape back on just to look at them. Yes they are that cool looking. Also we have some new bad ass looking mounts plus, drum roll please, tier 16!!

            So now that we have a jest of what’s going on story and gear wise, let’s see how this is going game wise. So, you may have heard by now that there is going to be this new thing called flex raiding. Let me tell ya. I’ve been reading the blizzard page about this and it looks like a really great improvement. I know we’ve all been there like, “OMG they should of done this back in B.C.” So let’s hear about it. Pretty much, have you ever had raid night and let’s say you’re a small guild. You have 25 people sign up for the raid and only 15 show up. Well, now you can still raid!! What happens is, if you have a premade group consisting of 10-25 players and you enter in the raid, the raid will scale to your raid size. Not only can it be people on your server but, it can also consist of real ID friend battle tag friends regardless of server. Also, no item level requirements!! And if it couldn’t get any better, you can now do the same raid 3 times! Yes, you can raid in LFR then come out and make a premade and do the flex raid and then turn around and raid with your guild that night!! “Well that’s cool and all but the gear will suck in the flex raid.” WRONG!! The gear that drops will range anywhere between LFR and normal raid drops! Also you can use your tokens just like LFR and the loot style is just like LFR. So no ninjas!!!

            Now the next big thing may be the Galaxy S 4 but I think blizzard has them beat with this. They are doing virtual realms. So if your server is slowing dying *cough Dragonblight cough*. They are tying the realms together. So for instance. Dragonblight may share 3 other realms and we can all share the same AH, join guilds on each server, have friends (not real ID), we can do anything with the other person just as if they were playing on your server!! Now the only down fall to this is, they are going to put a “#” next to the person’s name if they are on your virtual realm. I can see it now…. #Warmall – Dragonblight says: Hey ya’ll!!!!!

            Now they are also adding a brand new feature, as if the above wasn’t enough. It’s called the proving grounds. Now from what I have read, I’m taking it as Brawler’s guild all over but…. This is a place that is designed to solo either as a tank, dps, or as a healer. So pretty much you can go there and “learn” how to do either one. So hopefully no more bad tanks and healers. (Can you hear the comments in LFR? I know I can.) Each one you do has a choice of 4 different levels. Bronze, silver, gold, endless and of course the higher you choose, the harder they get.

            And last but not least, class changes. Now this patch is full of class changes so I’m not going to bore you with all of the individual classes so let’s just do the ones that effects them all.
·         Fear and horror spells no longer make people with speed buffs run in fear faster than the rest. So no more fearing and hoping they run away from you faster in pvp lol
·         All taunt abilities makes you gain 200% more threat while your taunt ability is active. (Yay no more taunting and having to spend all 8 seconds to taunt again because the damn rogue doesn’t know how to assist)
·         Area knockbacks now gives the target a diminishing return that last 10 seconds. So pretty much if you whiplash and knock me back guess what? You can do it again to me for 10 seconds. Take that arena pansies.
·         And vengeance gains from being crit’ed are now halved. HAHA now I can crit and don’t have to worry about being a squishy.

So that wraps that up. For a full release of what’s going on. You can visit blizzards site and read up on all this. Also, check out wow head for the new legendary cloaks, mounts, and I believe they have some T16 images (don’t quote me). Hope you enjoyed! See ya next time. I’ll be doing a review on borderlands 2!

Monday, July 15, 2013

2013 Club Nintendo Elite Rewards Announced!

We know that you've been waiting all year for these, so here they finally are! You have until August 15th to claim your reward. Not sure if you're eligible? Check your account at hhtp://

Here are all of the rewards:

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon for the 3DS!

Luigi is back, and he is as awesome as ever! The Dark Moon has been scattered throughout five mansions, and you have to find them in order to restore the ghosts to their normal, human loving, selves. If you were a fan of Luigi's Mansion for Gamecube, you will love this one just as much, if not more. Did I mention it's in 3D!?

I know not many people are impressed with the 3D-ness of the 3DS, but I don't understand why. I was very impressed with this game in 3D and would rarely turn it off. My switching to 2D at times had more to do with me being a lazy ass while lying in bed playing, and just not wanting to hold the system up to see it correctly.

The gameplay itself is amazing. You have more of missions now, instead of just one big mansion to get lost in. Professor E. Gadd is back to occasionally offer up dry humor and give advice on things you've already figured out. Though the "mission" type play now is helpful in keeping you from getting lost, it can get annoying at times to just be randomly pulled out of the mansion. Especially if you, like me, love to find all the hidden crap without playing the same mission multiple times.
You no longer have the fire, water, and ice elements on the vacuum like in the first installment. It has been replaced with the dark-light device. With this device you can see objects the ghosts have hidden throughout the mansion. You still use elements like fire and ice, it just isn't a function on the Poltergeist-5000. I really love this game and would suggest it to all 3DS owners. Hell, this game alone is reason enough to go out and buy a 3DS.
-I like the mission style play, but at times it can be annoying when you accidentally finish the mission before you were done exploring. Yes, you can replay any mission at any time, but not all missions are short, and it blows having to replay them for just one gem to get 100%.
-The online multiplayer can be annoying to have to wait on other players for. Especially if you end up getting stuck with unhelpful idiots. While you can still play the online mansions alone, depending on which settings you use, you may not be able to do them alone.
-The dog ghost. He just annoys me more than anything else. I'm sure it has more to do with my hating all things dog, though.
-I enjoyed hunting the gems and special boo's if for no other reason than to have the extra challenge, but I do wish there were more unlockables given to you for all that hard work. Extra costumes, levels, upgrades, and maybe even being able to play as Mario, or one of the Toads you saved.
-Would me disliking the fact that the game has an ending count as a con? Because even with the few things that bugged me about this game, I loved it way more.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Vegeance DLC Review

Here's a link to the official video from Activision

I finally got a few hours in with this DLC and I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised.  

First, let's talk about Multiplayer maps. Cove, Rush, and Detour are brand new, Uplink is a remake of one of my faves from the first Black ops, Summit.  They're relatively small, making for some quick matches.  I usually stick to Hardcore TDM, but to get a good feel for these I spent most of my time in the Mosh Pit mode.  I would have to say Search and Destroy is my least favorite game type.  I know , I know, Counter-Strike was pretty much the same as Search and Destroy, but for some reason on a console, I flat out hate it.  

Being small as they are, I've found it best to stick to the basics of multiplayer.  Clear corners, don't rush the middle, and stick with somebody.  Teamwork and communication of course are always good as well.


The new zombies' map, Buried, continues the story of Russman, Marlton, Misty and Samuel as they trek through parts of Egypt.  The map starts above ground in a processing center.  Black Ops 2 zombies picks ups where the original Black Ops left off.  Richtofen has entered the "Ether" prior to destroying the world with the launch of nukes from the moon.  One of the characters, Samuel, can hear Richtofen and he is giving instructions to help complete his master plan, which you learn about little by little as you complete his instructions.  Maxis, Richtofen's ex-partner is also providing his instructions, and you get to choose who you help.

If you love Easter Eggs and have been following this story, then you'll love this map.  Along with a few new weapons, the Ray Gun Mark II , Paralyzer, and a cool looking Colt pistol, we're also treated with a new Perk, Scavenger Aid.  As you may guess, scavenger provides ammo and points.  Some zombies also have a green mist around them which acts as a camouflage to the zombies.  Well worth the 3k you have to spend on it. 

As you open doors, you'll find Leroy.  The oversized hillbilly who likes Candy and Booze.  Depending on which you feed him, much like real hillbillies, he smashes doors or goes on a zombie killing spree.  You will need his help to get through the map and into the Mansion, where the Witch Ghost lives (spawns). 

If you purchased the Season Pass or just thinking about picking this one up a la carte, Vengeance brings some great Multiplayer and even better Zombies addition. 
Hell, I'm thinking about taking a vacation day to get my frag on.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii: A Review

Okay, so there's a good chance that you never even knew this game existed. And there's probably a good reason for that: it wasn't made by Nintendo. 

Let's face it, it will take quite a bit of work for most people to play this game. Hacking your Wii, running it on homebrew, installing the game, etc. can take several hours. Do I recommend hacking your Wii (and risking bricking it) just to play this game? I honestly can't advocate for that. However, if you're already running the Homebrew Channel, it certainly does make an excellent (albeit non-canonical) addition to the New Super Mario Bros. lineup. 

The game plays just about the same as every other New Super Mario Bros. title: you and up to three friends run through the Mushroom Kingdom, avoiding bottomless pits, pools of lava, and a myriad of baddies who are trying to thwart your plan to liberate Princess Peach for the 2625623452345th time.

What's new in this game, you ask? Well, the typical “Toad House” has seen a major renovation, with Lakitu opening up shop and selling you items in exchange for Star Coins. The perk of this is that the Houses never close like in previous titles. The drawback: There are limited Star Coins throughout the game, making item purchases finite. But, unless you totally suck, you shouldn't have to buy THAT many items anyway.

Probably the biggest new feature is the return of a classic suit which has its roots in the NES classic Super Mario Bros. 3: The Hammer Bros. Suit. Granted, you don't discover this suit until well into the game, but once you get it, enemies beware. This is one of those power-ups that has the distinct advantage of being both offensive and defensive, so there's that.

Overall, GREAT game. I would recommend that everyone should try it, but know what you're doinmg. I am not responsible for any bricked Wiis. :)